Monday 17 September 2012

Preston University a degree mill or real school

With all the buzz and scam around in market regarding Preston University, as a Preston Alumni I found it my responsibility to share my personal experiences that I had come across in University and in practical life.
I passed by graduation form Preston University some years ago and now enjoying a bright career. With all what I had gained from Preston, I am proud to relate myself to that prestigious institution. Right from the word go on the very first day on our university, we were exposed to the best faculty members, most competent studies environment, state of the art learning methodology and crisp practical experiences. There are many things that I learned in my university life that I cherish today and am thankful to my Professors and teachers who dedicatedly work to make us better professional.
I would definitely recommend all youngsters in search of prodigious institute to be sure of being a part of one of the most prestigious and excellent educational institute of country, don’t hassle and be afraid of all non-sense going around in market. You are certain to cherish a successful life in forthcoming.